As an artist, educator, psychotherapist and practitioner of yoga therapeutics, I continue to meld my strengths into new opportunities to help others do the same.  For over fifteen years I have focused on working with women of all ages, both individually and in group settings.  

To explain how I got to this point, I expect a bit of background information is let’s start in the middle...
In 1995, after four years of graduate school, I received my masters degrees:  an MA in Drawing and Painting, an MFA in Intermedia, and an MSW.  From there I proceeded to a post-graduate fellowship at the Yale Psychiatric Institute.  When my years of credentialing were complete, I set to integrating my past experience as teacher, graphic designer, studio artist and gypsy with my newfound skill set in the helping professions.  
While I play well with others, I do not enjoy working for others; so private practice was always a given for me.  What followed were many years of gratifying work and creative collaborations in the name of helping my clients achieve the change they sought.  I learned much from them all.
Around 2001 I stumbled into a community yoga class.  In hindsight the teacher was not so great, but even as a beginner I knew the yoga was.  I soon became aware that my new exercise program was really a powerful link between my mind and body, and it then developed into one more tool that I had to offer my clients in the service of their healing.  
This led me to The Elemental Yoga Mind-Body Teacher Training program.  Upon receiving my RYT  I began teaching yoga classes for individuals with anxiety and depression, which morphed into teaching open classes in the community, and eventually developing workshops that integrate yoga, classic principles of psychotherapy and mindfulness.   
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