Monday, September 21, 2015


It seems counterintuitive, but just as the hours of daylight and darkness balance in the natural world, the Autumnal Equinox creates a very different internal dynamic.  

Fall is a time when all the aspects of YOU are busy transitioning.  With one foot in summer and the other stepping toward year's end, we often stumble.

Vata is one of the three ayurvedic energies (doshas) believed to circulate in the body.  Doshas are said to govern our physiological activity and strongly influence the nervous system.  Vata literally means wind, and as the fall season rolls on Vata exercises great influence over our other doshas: Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water).

An excess of Vata can blow you off course, or perhaps propel you onto your next great adventure.  I think it all depends on whether we let Vata rule us, or we fully honor and engage with Vata.  

Letting Vata rule can result in over thinking, stiffness,  hypervigilance, clumsiness, dryness and digestive disruptions and a busy/scattered mind.

Directing Vata can minimize some of these aspects, and facilitate movement in the direction we wish to travel.  In order to do this we must work to stabilize ourselves through grounding yoga postures.  I also change the essential oils I use with the season to support this intention from the inside out. 

What postures to focus on this season??  I always try to suggest poses that are very familiar, as we are then more likely to get on our mats and do them!  So keep it simple by focusing on warrior poses throughout your yoga practice for the next few months.  

If you regularly include warrior poses in your sequences, then spend more time with standing and balancing poses.  Focus on your connection to the earth through the feet, and build upward to form a solid foundation in the mid body before extending your reach upward or out.

In terms of essential oils, this is a perfect time to be using Young Living's Thieves blend or DoTerra's On Guard.  Both are a combination of high quality clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus oil.  Thieves will not only help to ground you, but it also provides protection against fall colds by boosting the immune system.

Please be responsible when using essential oils, making sure you use only the highest quality brands. I do not recommend Thieves if you are pregnant, have highly sensitive skin or high blood pressure.
If this is the case, consider using Sandalwood.  Not drawn to the earthy values in Sandalwood..try Vanilla.

Remember that where you focus your energy is where you generally end up.  Give thought to where you want the wind to take you this Fall, and work with mother nature. 

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