Thursday, May 14, 2015

"We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing" George Bernard Shaw

I've read that we spend 50% of our time in the present moment…which I actually think is a generous estimate.
So when you consider that the present is THE only place from which we can directly influence our lives, figuring out how to remain present for longer periods of time is important.

This summer season I am exploring play as a way to spend more time in the present, positively effect the physical and energetic bodies, inform my yoga practice/teaching, get smarter/more creative, and (oh yeah) have a great time.

Here is what the research shows:

  •  Play eases tension and stress, which aids neuronal connection and releases endorphins….all of which facilitate creativity and even reduce pain.
  • Play minimizes worries, freeing up our brains to help us think in different ways that improve problem solving. 
  • Play stimulates imagination, making learning easier. 
  • Play decreases stress, which decreases cortisol and inflammation.
  • Play has the ability to loosen us up, increasing our capacity for empathy and compassion.  Laughter is also a byproduct of play, and all of these factors facilitate connection with our fellow human beings.

When we look at cultures where rest and play are valued (as in parts of Europe and Australia) we see populations that are healthier and more content than ours.  

So join me for my Cape Cod Women's Summer Camp this August, or for the Summer Essentials Aroma Yoga Workshop on Solstice weekend.  Lets all grow healthier, smarter, and maybe even younger this summer!

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