Monday, October 27, 2014

What's Calling You Forward?

I just sent out a November Newsletter with more information about our Women's Winter Workshop content and my guest speaker, Anne Bonney.  You will also find several other articles that may inspire you to become the hero of your own story.  

When the concept for this retreat was forming in September of this year, I decided that the seminar portion of our retreat would focus on listening and responding to our callings, both large and small.  

Since then, as is often the case, every time I click on a new link, have a spontaneous conversation, or turn on the TV I encounter yet another reference to this topic.


One such serendipitous encounter took place a few weeks ago when I heard Elizabeth Gilbert on Super Soul Sunday.   She was speaking to the fact that there are no heroic journey stories (ala Joseph Campbell) that depict women as the hero of their own quest.  Maybe it's time we write some.

To craft a new story for ourselves requires that we quiet down and become more present.  Like many of you, this is a constant dance for me, and to do so we need time, space and support.

So consider joining us for four nights and five days to renew body, mind, spirit AND direction as 2015 unfolds.  At this writing the retreat is filling quickly, so please register via the pulldown menu in the sidebar->  
If you have any questions you can email or call me anytime.  

If you did not receive that mailing just click here, put Newsletter in the subject line, and you will receive it shortly.



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