Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yoga and Intuition

I don’t think most of us would answer “the brain” when asked where intuition dwells.  We would likely place a hand on our heart, our solar plexus, or our belly to indicate that instinct is about a body connection.

As women we are strongly connected to the body through our monthly cycle, childbirth, our primal tend/befriend instincts, and later through the transformation of menopause. 

Interestingly enough we are also encouraged to be more disconnected from our bodies through media messages, and the urging of our culture to compare ourselves to each other and to societal stereotypes. 

We see this shift in young girls.  Up to around 9 years of age we will typically experience and express ourselves openly through the body.  As we near puberty and beyond we will more often modify our impressions/expressions of ourselves (and our bodies) based upon how we think others will perceive us. 

With the addition of this filter our experience of ourselves shifts away from feeling/acting (a body model) to thinking/comparing (a brain model).

Taking ourselves to the next upgrade our health, career, relationships or sense of self…requires that we work to reverse the mind/body split.  By integrating our analytical intelligence AND the deep aptitude of our physical selves (that I call body wit) we really have the opportunity to be quite powerful.

Another word for this body wisdom is INTUITION.  Whether you believe that our intuition is generated internally or externally, as I mentioned earlier we sense that the receptor and repository of this intuitive information lies in the flesh.

The link between yoga and intuition is fairly simple. Yoga, or more specifically slow yogic breathing, allows us to quiet the mind as we awaken the body through a sequence of postures. 

I emphasize the slowing down of the breath because it’s ability to quiet the chattering brain…during our yoga practice or at any time…is pivotal to receiving information from the deep intelligence of the body while still keeping the brain engaged.

They say that the average person is 7 heads tall.  That’s a great visual to have as we consider how we usually go about solving problems.  Perhaps it will help us consider enlisting our entire being to craft the health, career or life that we really want.

When we cultivate our yoga practice we cultivate our intuitive connection.  When we cultivate our intuitive connection we start making better decisions.  
Become your own best advisor!

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