Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I often discover something I never realized I had when doing my spring cleaning...

I remember when I was in art school the constant refrain was, "There are no answers, only better questions".  Here are a few that might help you rediscover what you really came here to do...just another form of spring cleaning:

 1. What does your self judgement have to do with your reason for being?

 2. How many hours per week do you devote to self discovery? 

 3. What activities allow you to lose track of time, feel joy, give you energy?

I have come to believe that our reason for being is not static, but rather evolves with us as we cultivate new insights, talents and opportunities.  Periodically taking the time to evaluate what gives our lives purpose is essential, so I encourage you to wake up to who you are NOW as the rest of nature does the same.  

You will find three Restorative Yoga poses on the Instruction page above.  These can help you quiet down and listen to yourself, while offering the challenge of something new for your spring yoga practice.  If these postures aren't for you, then take a walk on the beach, lay in your hammock or just remove yourself from your routine for a day and discover what's new in you.

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