Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Month Later...Now The Ride Begins

It's been about one month since our Fall Women's Workshop, a good time to check in and see how we are feeling as compared to one short (long?) month ago.  

Remember that delicious high that came from four days of consciously caring for ourselves, and from daring to step outside our well worn path to try something new. 

Perhaps it even involved excavating, naming and dancing with some old fear that has kept us solemnly in the third row.   

Hell, even if you didn't attend the workshop, you have certainly experienced an exhilarating, life changing moment that left you feeling like you had risen to  the next level of you, right?

Over time, however, the luster can fade from these moments of insight and change.  So how do we maintain that forward motion?  

Well how did you get to that next level in the first place?  

In terms of the workshop experience, it involved these key elements...

  • Investing your time/money to be with yourself, not to buy some object for yourself
  • Giving yourself structure and time to practice heart-opening yoga
  • Activating your breath and using it to shift and clear the way for new beginnings
  • Spending time in restorative yoga to let the deep visceral body release and renew
  • Sharing what you discovered with your waking self, and someone else you trust
  • Clearly looking at something you have been afraid of or avoiding
  • Making time for meditation and using it to dance with that fear
  • Softening so you can move in and out of fear instead of letting it stop you
  • Learning something new about how your body and mind work
  • Changing old patterns in your eating, thinking, working, playing, trusting self
  • Getting the support and information you need when you need it...don't wait
So maybe one month out you are humming right along, or maybe you have been doing a little screaming when your new found strength seems to disappear like the roller coaster tracks at the top of a turn.  

When and if that happens just refer to this list above, and try to re-engage with one or two (or more!) of these practices that have the ability to help you reconnect with your power source.  

You see the good news is that these practices will always work, but not unless we work them.

As the saying goes, when you hit a bump you can either scream or throw your hands up and enjoy the ride.  

Now my suggestion is that when your arms go up you also bend your front knee, lean into the outside of your back foot, elongate your spine, and make it a Warrior I pose.

Screaming is optional.

I know none of you need to be reminded of this, but I keep the following list I found years ago in some magazine tacked up in front of my desk.  It helps keep me patient, talks back to my perfectionism, and often gives me comfort when I feel I should "be there by now"...wherever there is.
  • Permanent change rarely happens instantly.
  • It’s not about getting it perfect, it’s about continuing to imperfectly move forward.
  • Change is not a one shot deal. 
  • Maintenance is not something that happens automatically (see list above ;-)
  • Maintenance is the stage where the hard work can pay off, or start to unravel.
  • Anticipating the bumps can make it easier not to get thrown.
So enjoy the ride, and be in touch if I can provide any of that support and/or information that I mention above.  

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