Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Full Body Experience Followup

Second Annual Fall Women's Workshop

By far our most dynamic and potent workshop to date, I will let these photographs and the comments of our retreat members tell the story. For those of you who missed our "photo opportunities", please send me yours and I'll post them as well.

What did you particularly like about this workshop?

"What a wonderful balance of science, soul and solitude.  
The structure was beautifully balanced with instruction, flexibility 
and respect for individuals..." 

"The lack of pressure to perform, the energy that is manifested
 through simplicity and love...if I fall, I know I can roll over and get up.
It was really confidence building." 

  "Thank you for this unique opportunity to commune with other women.  
The collective positive energy was delicious and nurturing on many levels." 

What did you learn that was new/important to you?

"I loved listening to Anne, 
she answered questions I had about menopause." 

"Restorative, non-competitive yoga... 
learning to listen vs. talking." 

"I want to look more closely at the diet/chemistry info that Anne gave us.  
It made quite an impact."

"The instruction of fear was met head on 
with guidance and insight on how to address it 
psychologically, spiritually and physically..."  

Any other comments?

"Thank you, what an incredible group.  
This was the most powerful experience I've ever had.  
Getting away was key to the experience."  

"Nancy Samotis is a life changing force.
If that's what you're looking for, she'll be your guide."  

"The interaction of physical and mental trust was wonderful.  
The time well spent builds on itself in gradual, positive steps."

"I loved what you and Cheryl taught me during 
the Restorative Yoga portion of the weekend.  Thank you so much." 

This workshop would not have been a success without the whole-hearted support of...

And a very big thank you to all the amazing women 
that showed up this year...on so many levels.  
We look forward to seeing you all next year!

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