Sunday, September 9, 2012

The F-Word

As I have been working with the question

“How do we become wiser and not just older?” 

the one factor that seems to make a huge difference in how we move forward as women is how we interface with our FEAR.  

When I mentioned to a few people that I wanted to dissect and disempower some of the fear models we carry with us as a part of my upcoming workshop, however, I received a few questioning looks and responses like: 

"Well that doesn’t have much to do with me.  I’m not afraid of anything."

"I don’t need to talk about fear, I just need ways to feel better and realize my full potential."

"I don’t think you should let women know that you’re going to talk about THAT."

 OMG…fear about fear!

So that prompted me to think about some other terms we use for the F-Word, and how they have become more acceptable code for this one primal emotion that we all have experienced.  Here are just a few:

Anxious             Frozen                       Nervous                      High Strung           Angry            
Avoidant            Vigilant                      Distressed                  Depressed            Stuck

So whatever you want to call it, the truth is the F-Word is at the root of most of our roadblocks and unhelpful behaviors. 

When unaddressed, fear           tells us to shut our mouth
                                                 ▪   keeps us from taking action
                                                 ▪   stunts our growth
                                                 ▪   impairs our ability to capitalize on opportunity
                                                 ▪   takes us on a long detour, or we abort our trip altogether

So whether we use the F-Word or choose to use another descriptor, it has become apparent to me that we’re never going to “wise up” unless we learn how to dance with fear….and to do that we must become less ashamed or afraid of being afraid.

Think of it like a boulder that stands in our way.  Only by addressing the obstacle can we understand it and ultimately transform it...for within each fearful obstacle lies important information that can inspire and inform us. 

You already know that there will be many things that we do during our 
“Full Body Experience” workshop:  
  • Yoga
  • Learning
  • Relaxing 
  • Adventuring  
  • Eating good food 
  • and yes, Playing!

I can’t imagine a better situation in which to dance to the top of that boulder, and get a more informed perspective on where you are and where you might want to go from here.

For this is how we move into our wisdom as women.  It is also how we start to dream bigger, and understand that what once seemed impossible is now anything but.

Here is a wonderful TED talk by a woman named Amy Purdy.  I recommend you take ten minutes and listen to her rather dramatic story about how facing fear has opened up her once very compromised life.  

Enjoy the video, and I look forward to seeing you in less than three weeks at our second annual Fall Women's Workshop.  If you haven't registered yet, please read more about it by clicking on the flier in the right side bar or on the Workshops page above.   We would love to have you!

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