Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeling The Love in Atlanta

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone...

What a perfect day to share some of the photos and 
feedback from our Atlanta workshops of last week.  
We had over thirty amazing women for the Tuesday 
and Wednesday programs, and their response to the 
message of self care and Restorative Yoga was 
a very big YES!

Tuesday at Atlanta's Capital City Club was a 
great place to start the conversation with 
Anne's message of how balancing our nervous system can balance our hormones, change our brain chemistry, and enhance our ability to thrive instead of survive.    Here are some of the comments we received:
  • "Every slide in Anne's talk was thought provoking and informative..."
  • "Great information.  It was not too detailed, and I liked having the science included."
  • "I loved hearing about the science behind the stress response."
How we can intervene to reduce stress, stabilize mood and engage the parasympathetic nervous system was Nancy's topic.  A discussion of the Elemental Yoga model of the Five Bodies and Restorative Yoga provided the intro to the afternoon's RY practice.  Many in the group were experienced yogis, while others had never been on a yoga mat before.

  • "The material in the Five Bodies was not unfamiliar to me, but the way it was presented was both unique and effective.  For me, different perspectives often lead me to unforeseen change.  I liked the combination of information and practice."
  • "This was great.  We got the "facts" and then learned about the yoga that was good for our particular bodies and minds.  It was just right."
  • "I loved the restorative yoga.  I had no idea I could feel so good just by laying around your way."
Wednesday was our day at the Inn at Serenbe in Palmetto, GA, where we had four newborn baby goats right outside our meeting room and a beautiful, peaceful landscape to support our focus on renewal.  The afternoon allowed for a longer and more varied Restorative Yoga practice, which brought together all the aspects of this workshop on how to facilitate positive change and get our mind, body and spirit moving in the right direction.

A big thank you to Anne Namnoum, MD and the wonderful women of Atlanta for your enthusiasm, great humor and willingness to show up for yourselves.  
That's the best Valentine ever!

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