Sunday, October 16, 2011


Can You Relate to This Video?
Sometimes It's Hard to Hold Out for A Better Deal.  

In my master’s thesis I explored whether there were significant differences in the way men and women abstractly represent emotions.  I used Plutchik’s model, which includes anger, joy, sadness, disgust, surprise, trust, joy and, yes, anticipation.  We typically associate all of these emotions as being cornerstones of our ability to survive, and I have always felt that anticipation was both a delicious and disturbing emotion to dance with.
In my upcoming weekend workshop, part of what we will discuss is how the reward circuits in our brain conspire to make change more than just an issue of willpower.   Lest you panic that this will be a somber and scholarly gathering, fear not.  In a notebook entry entitled “Why the Dopamine Made You Do It”, I hope to take a bit of the onus off of the difficulty we have with changing patterns that are no longer enjoyed so we can lighten up and let go.
As mentioned in my previous post, this is always a factor of working with both the body and the mind.  When we consider change it often entails both a fear of letting go of what has been, and the hope for what might be.  So we find ourselves spending a lot of psychic time in either the past or the future.  
Active and Restorative Yoga provides us with a delicious way to stay present, which is the only place where we really have the power to shape our lives.  In this period of anticipation before next weekend’s gathering, or before change of any kind, remember that you may be dancing with the past AND the future.  So be kind to yourself, and understand that it is difficult to delay gratification when the old patterns sit right in front of you like a marshmallow.  We do, however, have a potent tool in Yoga.  I look forward to sharing more on this subject next weekend, or through classes and workshops in the future.  

The present is where we create everything...
even our good old days.

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