Sunday, September 18, 2011

Restorative Workshop Weekend Calendar

I thought it would be helpful to post the Restorative Yoga Weekend calendar today, as it will allow you to understand the cadence of the workshop, as well as know when you will have free time.   In terms of the Wellness modules, this is just a very general description of what we will be discussing.  Things may be added or shift around a bit depending on what works best for the group.  Q & A opportunities will be available throughout the weekend.

This post will be followed by additional information about RY that may be helpful to understand before arriving for the workshop.  So take a look, and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions about our schedule.

Friday evening, October 21st:  
- 4p, Check in time for Ocean Edge guests.
You may be able to arrange an earlier check in time by talking with reservations or the front desk if you are interested in having free time earlier in the day.  Remember that discounted room rate EXPIRES 9/21. 
 - 5:15p, Meet in the lobby of the Ocean Edge mansion  
If you are staying on the property you can get directions to the mansion when you check in.  Parking is located just past the main entrance or you can take a shuttle bus from your condo.  If you will be staying elsewhere, the address for this part of the property is 2907 Main Street, which is Rte 6A.
- 5:30-6:30p, Captain Bowen Room, Second floor of mansion
  Welcome!  Introductions/Handouts, Overview of weekend, Setting an Intention.
- 6:30-8p, Active and Restorative Yoga practice to calm the nervous system
- 8-9:30p, Dinner together

Saturday Morning, October 22nd:  
- 8:30-10:30a, Active and Restorative Yoga to invigorate the nervous system
-10:30-11:30a, Brunch 
- 11:30-1:30p, Wellness:  The five bodies.  Defining change and your patterns. 
- 1:30-4:30p, Go play!  

- 4:30-6p, Wellness:  Mapping the sequence that is right for you. The Relaxation Response.
- 6:30-7:30p, RY 
- Dinner on your own

Sunday Morning, October 23rd:  
-  8:30-10:30a, Doing your own yoga practice sequence
This will be based upon your active, restorative and breath sequencing from Friday and Saturday.  I will be advising you on how you can optimize your home practice, and use the postures that are right for your nervous system. 
-  10:30-11:30a, Brunch
- 11:30-1:30p, Wellness:  Chakras, Q&A
- 1:30-2p, Closing

Be sure to look at my post from September 6th for more information on this weekend workshop.  

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